WTF Quick Start


WTF is the personal information dashboard for your terminal.

Use WTF to monitor systems, services, and important information that you don’t always need visible, but do want to check in on every now and then.

Keep an eye on your OpsGenie schedules, Google Calendar, Git and GitHub repositories, and New Relic deployments.

See who’s away in BambooHR, which Jira tickets are assigned to you, what time it is in Barcelona, and dozens more.



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Modules are the magic

Modules are the heart of WTF, and WTF comes with over 50 easily-configurable built-in modules. See below for just a few of them.

Then click on Modules to see the complete list.


git Git

View the status of your currently-active branch, interact with it, and see all the files you've changed so far.

github GitHub

View the status of your remote GitHub repo and interact with it.

docker Docker

View the current status of Docker on your local machine and interact with it.

gcal Google Calendar

View all your meetings and appointments for days in advance. See any collisions you might have, and which ones you've accepted and rejected.

pagerduty PagerDuty

See who's currently on-call across multiple teams and multiple schedules. It might even be you.

digitalocean DigitalOcean

View all your active droplets. Reboot, shut down, or destroy them.

pihole Pi-hole

Enable and disable Pi-hole from the terminal, view the current status, and see all of your blocking stats in one location.

weather Weather

You could look out your window, but that's cheating. Instead, see it right there in your terminal in text form the way nature intended.

transmission Transmission

Start, stop, pause your downloads and view your seeding stats. It's easy to keep track of all your Linux ISO downloads now.

and dozens more!

Sponsors make it happen

Sponsoring is a great way to show your support for WTF, and WTF is proud to participate in the GitHub Sponsors program.

If WTF occupies that special place in your terminal, please consider sponsoring its ongoing development. It makes a difference.