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Creating New Modules

The widgets that you see on the screen are displayed using modules. To make it easier to create new modules there is a generator which creates a stub (an empty module). The Go package generators contains generator scripts for different types of widgets.


Before you can generate new modules, you'll need to have:

  • Go version 1.15 or higher
  • The source code for WTF (git clone

Creating a New Text Widget

Use go generate -run=text to create a new widget called NewTextWidget. You can change the name of the generated widget by setting an environment variable called WTF_WIDGET_NAME.

For example, to generate a new widget called MyNewWidget on macOs or linux, the command would be:

# as a single lineWTF_WIDGET_NAME=MyNewWidget go generate -run=text

# setting the name separatelyexport WTF_WIDGET_NAME=MyNewWidget
❯ go generate -run=text

The equivalent using Windows PowerShell would be

$env:WTF_WIDGET_NAME = "MyNewWidget"
❯ go generate -run=text

The new widget is generated using the template in textwidget.tpl

Source Code