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Displays information about the next bus for a particular stop. Useful for determining when to leave the house.

Note that not all bus services around the world serves bus data through umoiq/NextBus. For those that don't, you will need to write the appropriate module to integrate with those APIs if they exist.

This module integrates the predictions command from the umoiq/NextBus API.


If the transit agency exists on this UI, we can configure this module.

To make JSON easier to read in the browser, try this chrome extension JSONView.

  1. To get the agency tag for your local transit agency, look through this list:

  2. Once you locate your transit agency tag, you can view the list of available bus routes and route tag by replacing <AGENCY TAG> with your agency tag from step 1.<AGENCY TAG>

  3. Once you locate your desired bus route, you can find the stopID you are interested in tracking by replacing <AGENCY TAG> with your transit agency tag from step 1 and by replacing <ROUTE TAG> with your desired route from step 2.<AGENCY TAG>&r=<ROUTE TAG>

Once you have these 3 values, you can populate it in the yaml config.


Step 1: stl
Step 2: 24E
Step 3: 43428

Would result in:

    enabled: true
    border: false
    agency: stl
    route: 24E
    stopID: 43428
        top: 12
        left: 0
        width: 24 
        height: 2
    refreshInterval: 20s


Name Value
Transit agency of your bus.
Ex. `stl` from
Route Number of your bus.
Ex. `24E` from
Your bus stop number.
Ex. `43428` from:


The output format is <Bus route name> | ETA [<Minutes>:<Seconds>] nextbus screenshot

According to the above screenshot, the next #24 bus is in 16 minutes and 43 seconds.

Source Code