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Displays Asana Tasks filtered by Workspace, Project or even by Sections within a Project.

The apiKey is a Personal Access Token and can be generated here

The module includes keyboard navigation too, so you can select a task with j and k, and open it. For more keyboard navigation options press ?.


  enabled: true
  apiKey: "*******"
  mode: "project_sections"
  projectId: 123456789
  workspaceId: 123456789
  allUsers: false
  hideComplete: false
    - "Doing"
    - "Backlog"
    - "Complete"
  updateInterval: 300
    top: 0
    left: 0
    width: 1
    height: 3


asana screenshot


Name Value
Your Asana API key. Leave this blank to use the WTF_ASANA_TOKEN environment variable.
What mode to query Asana. There are three modes:
  • project - Will fetch all Asana Tasks in the project specified in the projectId attribute
  • project_sections - Will fetch all Asana Tasks in the project specified, under the supplied sections.
  • workspace - Will fetch all of the tasks in the workspace, assigned to you. You must specify a workspaceId
project, project_sections, or workspace
Optional The Asana Project to fetch tasks from. Only applicable if you specify the project or project_sections mode
A valid Asana Project Identifier integer
Optional The Asana Workspace to fetch tasks from. This will only return tasks assigned to you. Only applicable if you specify the workspace mode
A valid Asana Workspace Identifier integer
Optional When querying for project or project_sections you can optionally display tasks that are assigned to other users. Defaults to false.
true or false
Optional When querying for tasks you can optionally hide tasks that have been marked as complete. Defaults to false.
true or false
Optional When the mode is project_sections you can list the sections you want to fetch the tasks from
A list of valid Section names

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