New Relic

newrelic screenshot

Connects to the New Relic API and displays the last n deploys of the monitored application: deploy ID, deploy time, and who deployed it.


  apiKey: "3276d7155dd9ee27b8b14f8743a408a9"
  applicationID: 10549735
  deployCount: 6
  enabled: true
    top: 4
    left: 3
    height: 1
    width: 2
  refreshInterval: 900
Name Description Value
apiKey Your New Relic API token.
applicationId The integer ID of the New Relic application you wish to report on. Any positive integer
border Optional Whether or not to draw this widget with a border. Default: true. true, false
deployCount The number of past deploys to display on screen. Any positive integer
enabled Optional Whether or not this module is executed and if its data displayed onscreen. Default: false. true, false
position Defines where in the grid this module’s widget will be displayed.
refreshInterval Optional How often, in seconds, this module will update its data. Default: 300. Any positive integer

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