New Relic

newrelic screenshot

Connects to the New Relic API and displays the last n deploys of the monitored applications: deploy ID, deploy time, and who deployed it.

Keyboard Commands

Key: /
Action: Open/close the widget’s help window.

Action: Show the previous application.

Action: Show the next application.


  apiKey: "3276d7155dd9ee27b8b14f8743a408a9"
    - 10549735
    - 499785
  deployCount: 6
  enabled: true
    top: 4
    left: 3
    height: 1
    width: 2
  refreshInterval: 900
Name Description Value
apiKey Your New Relic API token. Your API key or leave it empty to use the WTF_NEW_RELIC_API_KEY environment variable.
applicationId The integer ID of the New Relic application you wish to report on. Any positive integer
border Optional Whether or not to draw this widget with a border. Default: true. true, false
deployCount The number of past deploys to display on screen. Any positive integer
enabled Optional Whether or not this module is executed and if its data displayed onscreen. Default: false. true, false
position Defines where in the grid this module’s widget will be displayed.
refreshInterval Optional How often, in seconds, this module will update its data. Default: 300. Any positive integer.

Source Code