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Displays information about your git repositories hosted on GitHub:

Open Review Requests

All open code review requests assigned to you.

Open Pull Requests

All open pull requests created by you.

Custom Queries

Create filters to manage PRs and issues however you like.


  apiKey: "3276d7155dd9ee27b8b14f8743a408a9"
  baseURL: ""
      title: "Others Pull Requests"
      filter: "is:open is:pr -author:wtfutil"
  enabled: true
  enableStatus: true
    top: 2
    left: 3
    height: 2
    width: 2
  refreshInterval: 300
    wesker-api: "UmbrellaCorp"
    wtf: "wtfutil"
  uploadURL: ""
  username: "wtfutil"

Name Description Value
apiKey Your GitHub API token.
baseURL Optional Your GitHub Enterprise API URL.
border Optional Whether or not to draw this widget with a border. Default: true. true, false
customQueries Filters for pull requests and issues.
enabled Optional Whether or not this module is executed and if its data displayed onscreen. Default: false. true, false
enableStatus Whether or not to display pull request mergeability status (dirty, clean, unstable, blocked). true, false
focusChar Optional Define one of the number keys as a short cut key to access the widget. 0..9
position Defines where in the grid this module’s widget will be displayed.
refreshInterval Optional How often, in seconds, this module will update its data. Default: 300. Any positive integer
repositories A list of github repos to fetch data for.
uploadURL Optional Your GitHub Enterprise upload URL (often the same as the API URL).
username Your GitHub username.

Keyboard Controls

Key Action
/ Open/close the widget’s help window
[return] Open the selected repository in a browser
h Show the previous git repository
l Show the next git repository
r Refresh the data
Show the previous git repository
Show the next git repository

Custom Query Examples

Custom queries allow you to filter pull requests and issues however you like. Give the query a title and a filter. Filters can be copied directly from GitHub’s UI.

    # Displays pull requests that are not assigned to you
    title: "Others Pull Requests"
    filter: "is:open is:pr -author:[your github username]"
    # Displays issues that are assigned to you
    title: "My Issues"
    filter: "is:issue state:open author:[your github username]"
    # Displays issues not assigned to you, order by their updated_at date
    perPage: 10
    title: "Others Issues"
    filter: "is:issue state:open -author:[your github username] sort:updated-desc"

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