Displays Pocket Saved Articles.


    enabled: true
        top: 0
        left: 3
        height: 4
        width: 2
    consumerKey: '88*******************'
    refreshInterval: 1


Name Description Value
consumer_key The consumer key of pocket app obtained from https://getpocket.com/developer/apps/new, make sure to have add, modify and retrieve permissions 888**************************
border Optional Whether or not to draw this widget with a border. Default: true. true, false
enabled Optional Whether or not this module is executed and if its data displayed onscreen. Default: false. true, false
focusChar Optional Define one of the number keys as a short cut key to access the widget. 0..9
position Defines where in the grid this module's widget will be displayed.
refreshInterval Optional How often, in seconds, this module will update its data. Default: 300. Any positive integer

Keyboard Controls

Key Action
/ Open/close the widget's help modal
[return] Open the article in the browser
j Select the next item in the list
k Select the previous item in the list
a Toggle link archive/unarchive
t Toggle view archived links/active links
Select the next item in the list
Select the previous item in the list

Source Code