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Displays Football statistics about the specific league. This widget uses


Standings is the ranking or table for specific league. By default it shows top 5 teams in the league but which can be customized using configuration.

Matches Played

Shows recent matches played in the specific league. By default it shows matches played in last 5 days.

Upcoming Matches

Shows upcoming matches or fixtuers in the specific league. By default it shows upcoming matches for next 5 days.

Supported Leagues

Currently this widget only support below mentioned league/competition, You should use below shortname of the league in your configuration:

Competition Short Name
Brazil Série A BSA
Campeonato Brasileiro da Série A EL2
English Championship EC
English Premier League PL
European Championship EUC
FIFA World Cup WC
French Ligue 1 FL1
German Bundesliga GB
Italy Serie A ISA
Netherlands Eredivisie NE
Portugal Primeira Liga PPL
Spain Primera Division SPD
UEFA Champions League CL


  enabled: true
  apiKey: "*************"
  league: "PL"
  favTeam: "Liverpool FC"
  standingCount: 5
  matchesFrom: 5
  matchesTo: 5
    top: 1
    left: 0
    height: 4
    width: 3
  refreshInterval: 1000
  title: "⚽"


football screenshot


Name Value
API key to get the football stats from You can get your Free tier key on Leave it empty to use the WTF_FOOTBALL_API_KEY environment variable.
Short name of the league or competition (as listed above in Supported Leagues).
Optional Name of the favorite team from specific league. Leave it empty to use the WTF_FOOTBALL_TEAM environment variable.
Optional List all matches played in last (N) number of days. Default 5.
Any positive integer.
Optional List all upcoming matches coming in next (N) number of days. Default 5 .
Any positive integer.
Optional List top number (N) of teams in the league. Default 5.
Any positive integer.

Source Code