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Configuration Files

By default WTF looks in a ~/.config/wtf/ directory for a YAML file called config.yml. If the ~/.config/wtf/ directory doesn't exist, WTF will create that directory on start-up, and then display instructions for creating a new configuration file.

In other words, WTF expects to have a YAML config file at: ~/.config/wtf/config.yml.

Example Configuration Files

A number of example configuration files are provided in the _sample_configs/ directory of the Git repository.

To try out WTF quickly, copy sample_config.yml into ~/.config/wtf/ as config.yml and relaunch WTF. You should see the app launch and display the Security, Clocks and Status widgets onscreen.

Custom Configuration Files

To try out different configurations (or run multiple instances of WTF), you can pass the path to a config file via command line arguments on start-up.

To load a custom configuration file (ie: one that's not ~/.config/wtf/config.yml), pass in the path to configuration file as a parameter on launch:

❯ wtfutil --config=path/to/custom/config.yml