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v0.21.0 Released

2019-08-29 21:48:13-07:00

v0.21.0 contains the following changes:

⚡️ Added

  • Power Soure module support added for FreeBSD, by @hxw

🐞 Fixed

  • Power indicator displays ∞ on Linux when fully-charged and on AC power, #534 by @Seanstoppable
  • Default background color is now the terminal background color, making transparency support possible in MacOS and Linux, by @Seanstoppable
  • xdg-open now used as the opener for HTTP/HTTPS by default, by @hxw
  • Transmission port over-ride now working, #565 by @Seanstoppable
  • Default config is now created on first run, #553 by @senorprogrammer